Evinrude E-TEC Outboard Motors.

Passion and innovation that move the powersports world

When purchasing a new boat the major consideration is selecting the correct boat and motor package another consideration of late is of the impact on our environment.

With this in mind Evinrude developed ETEC technology. Evinrude ETEC was developed around four key components

  1. Easy To Own And Operate.
  2. Durability, Quality And Reliability.
  3. Clean & Quiet.
  4. Power & Performance.

An outboard motor that has a 3 year or 300hr scheduled service interval is un-heard of in the marine industry, to you this means increased time on the water and less time in the shop, less servicing means less expense! All Envinrude ETEC outboard motors have a No Break in period allowing owners to go straight out and have fun on the water.

Durability, Quality and Reliability are paramount for Evinrude outboard motors. An engine with fewer parts means fewer problems, Evinrude ETEC engines are protected with an onboard engine management system to provide peace of mind to owners, low oil, no oil and over heat faults will alert drivers through smart gauges before damage occurs.

Evinrude ETEC engines look after themselves as much as you do. Clean and Quiet was at the top of the list for the engineers at Evinrude. A QUIET SIGNATURE SOUND was developed allowing owners to enjoy their boating without annoying engine noise in the background. Evinrude is committed to respecting and preserving our waterways and are the only outboard manufacturer to be awarded the EPA’s Clean Air Technology Excellence Award.

Power and Performance is what sets Evinrude ETEC apart from the others, this is achieved by up to 25% more torque than four stroke outboard motors. Blistering acceleration out of the bole and exciting top end speeds are achieved with a power stroke every revolution not every 2nd revolution like four stroke outboards, a lighteroutboard also means your boat can carry and extra person or additional payload.

Evinrude ETEC outboard motors have been recognised by Stacer aluminium boats as their preferred engine partner. Power, Performance and Ultra Low Emissions has led to this decision as Evinrude enhances the excitement Stacer can provide.

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