The Versatile Wildrider 519

Versatile Wildrider 519
11 Apr 22

When lovers of the water travel to the open seas to experience their fashion, they'd want to be on the best boat. Few tinnies fit this description better than the Stacer Wildrider 519. A beast made for the ocean, this vessel takes watersports enthusiasts to the adventures of their wildest dreams.

Imagine a boat where you can fit your friends and all their equipment while still having space for a barbecue. Imagine this mighty vessel holding steadfast against fearsome winds and currents, turning harsh environments into ideal places for wild watersports. Imagine this boat fitting perfectly on a boat trailer, lightweight, and effortless to transport. You just imagined the Stacer Wildrider boat in all its glory. 
There's a Stacer boat for everyone. Families can use the Wildrider for relaxing vacations and slow cruises along a lake. While the Wildrider's versatility allows for a wide range of boating activities, the vessel shines the best in offshore incursions. Its lightweight feature makes it travel at high speeds, while Stacer's brilliant design maintains its stability even in the harshest Australian environments. Its spacious characteristic makes it highly customizable, allowing for various boating accessories such as rod holders and storage containers. 

The Wildrider 519, due to having less weight, can move through the propellers of medium-powered engines. However, this versatile Stacer boat works best with the Honda BF100 motor, a lightweight engine with supreme fuel efficiency and power. The efficient weight management of the Wildrider allows passengers to fit extra equipment, making weight capacity one of its shining traits.

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