Stacer Boats

At the leading edge of design, quality and reliability Stacer boats will have a boat package to suit your needs.

With over 40 years experience in the aluminium boat industry Stacer is renowned as a market leader. With a state of the art manufacturing plant your new boat is tracked through the factory from cut out to fit out ensuring all quality control stages are met. Fishing, skiing or family pleasure craft Stacer has boats ranging from a 3.09m Dinghy to an impressive 6.49m plate aluminium Ocean ranger designed for serious offshore fun. To ease the decision making Stacer and S.H. Wallace Marine can offer.


This is a unique pre rigged package system that takes the guess work out of purchasing and gets you on the water sooner. Simply choose your favourite boat and then it is coupled with the rellevant Stacer trailer and Evinrude outboard motor. Your package is then assembled, fitted and delivered, let the good times begin.

All Stacer boats are designed around stability, ride quality and space and this is achived through extensive research and on water development. EVO ADVANCE takes Stacers hull design to a whole new level, sharper bow designs and a deeper V gives a smoother ride and great performance while delivering generous amounts of internal space.

For all your boating needs and next boat purchase let stacer and S.H.Wallace Marine get you on the water sooner.

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While every Stacer is designed ready to go, we understand you may want to complement your boat package with options and add-ons to suit your boating needs and lifestyle. Every boat is complete with a list of optional extras you can pick and choose from to add a personal touch.

Stacer’s range of options includes paint and stripes, canopies and Bimini’s, seating, storage options and floor coverings.

View our most popular options available on a variety of our Stacer models!

Stripes and Colours

You can customise the look of your Stacer boat. Visit the website to apply custom colours, stripes, biminii or vinyl wraps.

Customise Your Stacer Boat


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